ATM Anti-Skimming

The ECS® (Enhanced Card Security) device is currently compatible with all motorized card readers, with a new model for DIP card readers on its way.

It's a cut above its competitors due to its ease of installation, low maintenance cost and affordable price with 2 year warranty.

The efficiency and quality of the ECS® (Enhanced Card Security) is apparent with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

The number of ATMs secured by our solution, is increasing day by day with the help of our distributors, over 6 continents.

Why Invest in ECS?

  • ECS® enhances customer security.
  • Transactions are never interrupted in the event of a skimming attack, but carried out securely.
  • ECS® is a simple, stand-alone solution.
  • There's no need to incur the additional expense of add-ons that you don't really need!
  • ECS® is an active solution which eliminates card skimming by jamming special signals.
  • ECS® only operates when a card is detected in the card reader, eliminating magnetic field issues & promoting product longevity.
  • ECS® is an affordable solution.
  • With ECS® you can Plug & Play-no software installations and no physical modifications in the ATM required!
  • Installing ECS® is quick-taking just 15-30 minutes depending on ATM model.
  • Plus, ECS® maintenance is simple and easy for technicians to monitor, minimising their workloads
  • With ECS® you are not just installing an anti-skimming device, you are installing customer security!

Powerful Central Monitoring software to centrally monitor all installed ECS units

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