Bank card pin codes are obtained through embedding spy cams in different places at ATMs. Obtaining the pin code is an essential process of skimming attacks. ATM Pin Code Security (PCS) is an effective solution to protect the privacy of pin codes. Specifications of PCS:

  • Prevents spy cameras from obtaining any images.
  • While an ATM user types in their pin code on the ATM keyboard, PCS prevents observation from above and the side.
  • Through special design of PCS it prevents being observed by others while it enables a concealed area to type the customer’s pin code.
  • It is produced in stainless steel and treated against rusting and is therefore resistant to outdoor elements. It is easy to clean and long-lasting.
  • Special slits which are placed on the back surface of PCS enable the ATM keyboard to be easily seen at night through the light coming from the ATM LED Light Panel and ATM monitor.
  • A clean and distinctive appearance, enables ATM users to easily identify whether any spy cam has been placed onto it, by fraudsters.
  • Compatible with all NCR and Wincor ATM models.

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